Exercising your gifts in excellence takes both commitment and discipline. It is not always the easiest thing to do, but often it is what separates those who are good from great. Here are five steps to ensure that you are exercising your gift in excellence.


  • Always strive for better – Always nurture, perfect, and hone your gift. Instead of competing with others, seek to top YOUR best. This practice will put you in an elite league of your own. The world is ever changing and evolving, as we should be also – meaning you never capture or dominate greatness because it is forever becoming.


  • You must be fearless – This does not mean at times that you will not have hesitation, become afraid, or even be nervous. If that was the case I would say that you are not human. Being fearless means that you do not allow fear to shut you down and keep you from doing that which you have been called and graced to do.


  • You must stay positive – Of course we know some days will be better than others, but the power that we have is that we control how we decide to respond to those not so great moments in time. We decide if we look at the glass as half full or half empty. The power of perception proves time and time again that looking at it half full gives a peace that allows you to sustain until the glass is overflowing.


  • You must be willing to do what others are not – You will find that at times when God gives you something special that there is no one around you that can provide a blue print. You can often find yourself doing things that other people are saying is crazy, but unlike them you see the vision and see what it takes for it to come alive. Be okay, with being called crazy and being misunderstood. Most trailblazers are!


  • You must give something back – Principles are considered fundamental truths. This means that when applied results are yielded, and the principle of sowing and reaping will never fail. If you plant hope, inspiration, finance, time, and energy you will be surprise what you will reap in return. Most often sewing gives the grace of excellence to the very gifts you possess.


You have everything that you need to share your gift and present with the world in excellence. That’s our purpose in life as creations to yield glory to our creator.