Being an artist manager and growing up singing in Chicago, I’ve learned first hand how important it is for artist to set themselves apart from the rest. Living in the Gospel Music Capital of America, Chicago, everyone is a singer. The average praise and worship leader at your community church does professional background vocals for signed artists and have a new single out.

So, you are an upcoming indie artist and you want to know how you can set yourself apart from the rest? Here are some tips that I have learned along the way and have used with my artist to help with success:

You need money – As an upcoming artist a lot of times finances can be scarce but you must invest in your Future. If you are not investing in you, why would you expect someone else to?

Don’t be fooled, you need a team – Find a manager, team or consultant to help strategize your future. Building trust with this person will be very important for your endeavor. You need someone you trust and people who believe in you to assist and push you on this journey.

Professional photos are a must – The last thing you need is a selfie on any of your branding. Finding a photographer and taking professional pictures builds your credibility and will assist in building your brand immensely. It is also highly recommended that you find a reputable stylist/makeup artist to enhance your look as well.

Professionally branded social media goes a long way – Having a website build can be a long and costly endeavor. Start your branding with building your social media following. Create an artist page on Facebook & Twitter along with an Instagram profile to gain more followers.

Every gig cannot be a paid one – When starting out or releasing new material, you have to create a buzz for the new material. Search for promo gigs or ministry outings to help build awareness and gain a following. A lot of artists make mistakes by thinking that just because they are an artist, promo bookings are not necessary – that is simply not true. Build your name first, grow and perform/minister so people can get to know you and recognize your gift.

It is always rough in the beginning, but if you apply these steps, your middle will fly and soon you will begin to SOAR!

Jeremy Treadwell

About Jeremy Treadwell

Jeremy Treadwell is a digital transformation expert. His focus is to enable the Gospel industry through the art of thought.