In this day and age everyone has access to the creative tools to become an artist – just set up a MacBook Pro, a mic, and strap some pillows to a wall and you have a studio. Many people do not understand how much the industry is saturated with singers, musicians, graphic artists, dancers and creatives. Though true artists are full of passion and artistic integrity, in such a saturated market it can be difficult to know how to navigate and monetize your gift.

Most artist start off as “sidepreneurs” – having a full time job and exercising their talents during their off hours. Others focus solely on their gift and artistry and pray God makes a way. But, there are ways to create multiple streams of income as an artist and reach your full potential with God given gifts.

So, what is the difference between artistry and being in the business you ask? Well, my friend, there is a large gap. Many of the artists I work with have a burning desire to share their artistry (in most cases music) with the world immediately, but like any other business, strategy is necessary – that is the difference.

Business requires strategy and thought with regard to how to present the services – music, dance, or graphic arts – to the marketplace. The marketplace is your audience. Ask yourself, “Who is interested in purchasing my music, seeing me dance, obtaining my services as an artist”. Have you ever considered why industry leaders with the same audience never happen to release product on the same day? It’s a game called strategy. Labels are tuned-in and strategize the best release time for a given artist to ensure competition is at a minimum.

With that in mind, the question becomes – how do you carefully consider your offerings. It is a no-brainer to work your gift, but what other alternative streams of income could be valuable to your income and help fund your dream? Each gift has an unlimited number of applications, and God has graced some with multiple gifts. Start by identifying the gift you have, look at your current service offerings and develop ways you can stretch out and monetize your gift to support your lifestyle. You can grow multiple ventures from one gift by being consistent, professional, available and present. The Bible speaks about your gift making room for you – question is, are you in the way?

Jeremy Treadwell
Offering the Art of Thought


Jeremy Treadwell

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Jeremy Treadwell is a digital transformation expert. His focus is to enable the Gospel industry through the art of thought.